Why Hire Kennerly Loutey?


We’ve taken on some of the largest companies in the world, producing over $3 billion in verdicts and negotiated settlements. We have access to some of the best experts in the world, like doctors who invent new treatments, engineers who design consumer products, former government officials, and researchers who draft safety codes. Courts themselves say serious cases often come down to a “battle of the experts.” Make sure you have the best.


We’ve been trial counsel for eight-figure and seven-figure jury verdicts, and our firm was selected to both Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers. But trial is just one step on the road, and a verdict can end up being just a piece of paper — or a case can be dismissed before it reaches trial — if the lawyers haven’t lined up the right evidence and experts. We’ve handled every step of the process, including stopping defendants’ efforts to avoid responsibility through bankruptcy and ensuring our clients’ full rights remain protected on appeal.


Catastrophic injury cases require attention to factual detail and legal nuance. Cases at big personal injury firms often end up like patients at big hospitals, with dozens of lawyers and paralegals juggling hundreds of files that mix fender-benders and slip-and-fall cases with brain injury and spinal injury cases. We keep our practiced focused on catastrophic injuries, and we don’t spread responsibility among dozens of people.

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We are lawyers for people seriously injured by the negligence of big companies and careless professionals. If you want your case pursued with the resources of a big law firm, but don’t want your case lost among dozens of lawyers handling hundreds of cases, we’re the firm for you.

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Our Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Brain and spinal cord injury lawsuits bear little in common with fender-benders. Catastrophic cases require a far greater investment of a lawyer’s time, energy, and resources.

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Wrongful Death

It isn’t easy to tell a person’s life story in a courtroom. It’s even harder when they’re not there. Read how we do it.

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Medical Malpractice

The key to proving medical negligence is to know the medicine better than the doctor does, and better than experts hired by the insurance company.

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Birth Injury

Most cerebral palsy is not caused by a doctor’s negligence. Learn how we investigate cases and how we prove that our clients’ injuries were.

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Product Liability

Proving a consumer product was defective means knowing everything about the product and, if necessary, building a better one.

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Premises Liability

When someone is hurt at a business or a work site, there’s no shortage of finger-pointing and evasion. We put responsibility where it belongs.

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Law Student Scholarship Essay

Law school classes are hard enough. Financial difficulties make it even worse, and we haven’t forgotten how difficult law school was for us — and how expensive it is, too. So we set up the Kennerly Loutey Scholarship Essay to make it easier for a student every year.

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